Nowadays there is an open source alternative for Soikko: Voikko. It also has one front-end derived from Tmispell; see details on its pages.

Tmispell is a front-end that emulates Ispell for some spell checking libraries. It was primarily written for Soikko (which is written by Pasi Ryhanen), but will most likely work also with other modules that implement the same interface.

Tmispell is useful because many programs (e.g. mail clients and document processors) use Ispell for spell checking. So Tmispell makes it possible to use the spell checking services provided by modules like Soikko in these programs, with no changes to either needed.

Additionally Tmispell can launch the original Ispell instead when there is no module for some language. This makes it feasible to use Tmispell as a drop-in replacement for Ispell.


This program is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2.


2003-05-19: Tmispell 0.2.3
Compilation fixes for RH9.
2003-05-15: Tmispell 0.2.2
Compatibility fixes (with earlier libc6 and libstdc++). Some bugs also fixed.
2003-05-13: Tmispell 0.2.1
Fixed minor compilation problems with those Ncurses versions compiled without –enable-const. Fix also a very rarely triggered bug. Older news…


You can get the Tmispell source code and documentation here (the latest version is 0.2.3):

Debian packages and diffs are available here, but they are a bit “unofficial”, since Tmispell is currently not a part of the Debian distribution. If you have success or misfortune with them, please send feedback to me.

These Debian packages will install Tmispell so that it will be used instead of Ispell. Ispell is still used for those languages Tmispell cannot handle.

Jarno Elonen has also packaged Soikko for Debian: you can get the packages from The Tmispell packages work with these packages automatically. However, if you install Soikko manually, you still may need to edit the configuration file.


The program should be usable with most programs that use ispell for spell checking. Currently it is known to work with Kspell (and thus with many KDE programs), Flyspell, LyX, Sylpheed and (the old) Pspell.